『 Photography Workshops 』

We are happy to have been appointed the exclusive sales agent in China for Tours Abroad, a US company offering specialized tours to China, including photography workshops.

These photography workshops visit highly photogenic areas in China with the principle aim of capturing exceptional images; images of people and activities as well as landscapes and natural features. To this end, the workshops are to be lead by world-renowned Guest Artists who will offer Instruction and Challenges to all participants in order to develop their photography skills and their portfolio.

Workshops will generally last for 12 nights and will be conducted in English. Language support may be provided if appropriate. Tailor-made trips may be an option for groups of 6 or more.

『 Instruction and Challenges 』

The Tours Abroad photography workshops are more than just a set of travel arrangements to get you to attractive places. The setting is important but its primary purpose is that of open classroom.

The accompanying Guest Artists are world-renowned photographers who have exceptional technical knowledge as well as that rare gift for capturing images that exemplify the subject matter at hand. They will teach their workshop groups the full range of skills needed to identify and conceptualise top quality images as well as the actual mechanics of capturing these with the camera and other equipment brought along.

Tours Abroad group sizes are kept to a maximum of 12 photographers such that each participant can expect direct instruction from their Guest Artist every day.

Each Guest Artist will have their own teaching style and emphasis but, in general, will pass on their own knowledge by setting challenges for each participant as appropriate.

『 Companion Trips 』

Many photography workshops are offered with a separate companion itinerary so that spouses or partners may enjoy a holiday whilst the photographers develop their creative talents.

The itineraries for these trips are planned to take advantage of the attractive locations that favour the photography but as regular visitors. Excursions are with their own guide (and vehicle, if appropriate) during normal hours.

Accommodation and some other services are shared such that there will be time together but companions can also have a holiday that is both interesting and relaxing.

『 Processing Workshops 』

Capturing a top quality image is only half way towards producing a stunning print. These days it is equally important for the photographic artist to be proficient with the advanced features of image-processing software. Only then can the true potential be released for all to see and appreciate.

All workshops include a period of mentoring afterwards whereby the Guest Artist offers feedback on the processing of images captured during workshops. Those with less experience in this regard may be interested in attending a workshop dedicated solely to the processing of images. We hope to be able to offer these in China soon. Please do email us to register your interest.

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